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We offer 100% refunds for purchases and swaps


1. Refunds for non-conforming or missing items ensures item quality and provides accurate item descriptions, but alas, we also sometimes make mistakes. If we make a mistake, you will get a refund. Please fill in the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form here if the item you received is

  • a wrong item
  • damaged during shipping
  • differs considerably from the description on Service
  • or if the item you ordered is missing from shipment or the entire shipment is missing.

You need to fill in the RMA form within 7 days from the day you received the item. We will refund 100% of the item purchase price and naturally cover the return shipment for these items.

2. Refunds due to other reasons

Sometimes the item is as described, but it does not fit, your kid just does not like it, or you just want to return it without a specific reason. You can also return the item in this case, if you notify us within 7 days from when you received the item. Please fill in the RMA form form here to notify us. We will refund 100% of the item purchase price - you will just have to ship the items back to us on your own expense.

3. Returning the item to

You will get a RMA number from us and the address for the item to be returned. You can send the item to us in a single shipment (in which case you will need to pay for the shipping), or you can include the item in a shipment when shipping other items to Service. The delivery needs to accompany the RMA number, which can be obtained by filling in the RMA form. You can either write the RMA number on the dispatch note (included with the shipment to you) and mark the item you are returning, or, if you are missing the dispatch note, you can include a paper with the the RMA number to the item.

After receiving the RMA number, you will need to send the item back to us within 14 days.

4. Refund amount

The refund for buyers: we will refund the entire amount that you paid for the item. We reimburse through Paypal.

The compensation for swappers: you gave away one of your items to get the item you now want to return. We will give you the sales price you had defined for the item you gave away minus the Valet Service sales commission. We will send the money to your Paypal account.

The money will be sent to you within 10 business days after we have received the item.

For sellers: don't worry, takes care of the refund and takes ownership of the refunded items. Sellers can keep the money.

5. Restrictions for refunds

The following additional terms apply for the items that are as described, but you want to return (item 2, above):
You can get refunds for items you want to return up to a maximum of 3 times per year. The maximum refund sum is capped at a total of $200 per year. In any case, the cap for a refund for a specific item is the price of a new, similar item if purchased in a major online store.

Updated 17 January, 2013. This refund policy may change from time to time.

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