Fundraising Basics

Our fundraising service is an extremely convenient and an efficient way to gather funds for a school, class or charity. It works as follows:

  1. Fill in the fundraising application form here
  2. Organize an event to which people will bring their unused baby and kids' items and maternity clothes.
  3. will organize a pick up or shipping of the items to the fulfillment center in Bolingbrook, IL.
  4. will list the accepted items on your fundraising account for 90 days (or as agreed). See our acceptance criteria for items.
  5. Your organization will receive the proceeds of the sold items (after deducts its selling fees) by PayPal or check
  6. will pay a lump sum for the remaining items on the fundraising account after the 90-day selling period is over.


Case Study: Hawthorne Fundraiser

TOTAL RAISED: $2,174.80

  • In total, 879 items were added to the fundraising account. All of the items came from only 20 families.
  • Sales period: from 10/13/2013 until 1/7/2014
  • 566 (65%) were sold to customers during the time of the fundraising
  • Hawthorne sales proceeds for the 566 items sold:  $1,974.80
  • acquired the remaining unsold items for $200
  • Total proceeds to Hawthorne: $2,174.80


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