Baby, Kids' and Maternity Acceptance Criteria

UPDATED: November 29, 2016

These items go to everyday families, just like yours!  Our best sellers are fashion forward items, that have been in the mall/department stores in the last 3 years.  Look into your closet, if you or your little one hasn’t worn it in the last year, it may be time to part with this loved item. only accepts the following:

  • Clothing that’s clean, does not have stains or dirt, no excessive wear (faded or pilled), no holes or tears, and are odor and pet hair-free.
  • All fasteners (zippers, snaps, buttons, ties) must be present and in working order. Clothing items have to be freshly laundered before sending.
  • Toys, Games, Baby Gear, Decor, Music and Movies that are like new or in good working order and are complete with all components (batteries should not be included with items shipped to us).  
  • The minimum price on is $3, so single items have to be worth $5 or more, retail. Make sets with undervalue items to make them of value (for example: match up a couple bodysuits with a bib & booties). When making sets please pin items together or put them in a bag so we know they’re meant to be a set. Sets must be limited to three (3) items per set. Please Review set making here.
  •  Folding items together is NOT defining a pre-made set, and will most likely be merchandised separately.  
  • Swap reserves the right to alter sets, when the set is not clearly defined or cannot be photographed appropriately.  This rule also pertains to sets that contain multiple category types.   

Baby, Kids', Teens, and & Maternity clothing Accepted:  

  • Clothing, up to size 20 for boys and up to JR size 00-19 (XXS-XXL) for girls
  • Underwear, socks and sports bras (New With Tags and in unopened packaging)
  • Pajama separates below a size 10 will be subject to verification
  • Shoes: infant, toddler, youth, and adult sizes
  • Bags and purses (Children and Cartoon Related only Accepted)
  • Jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses ( Most of these items are needed in sets)
  • Maternity and nursing clothing (only New With Tags)( i.e. nursing bras)

Toys and Sports Equipment:

  • Toys (all with working components, however batteries should not be included)
  • Kids Games ( All parts and pieces must be included)
  • Kids Cards (Pokemon,Magic, etc.- Game themed cards accepted loose in sets)
  • Learning Flash Cards (Must be NWT in sealed packages, no loose cards accepted)
  • Kids Books (Books must meet $3 requirement, or placed in book sets)
  • Floor Puzzles, Peg Puzzles, 3D Puzzles, Sound Puzzles, Wooden Puzzles.
  • Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles must be NWT and are subject to additional rules below
  • Maternity/Parenting Books (Books must meet $3 requirement, or placed in sets)
  • Kids’ sports equipment, Kids’ swimming accessories (Please read below for specific details)
  • Balance Bike Accessories- Includes Bike repair kits (NWT), tire tube repair (NWT)
  • Baseball Equipment- Included Baseball gloves, Baseballs
  • Basketball Equipment-Basketballs
  • Equestrian Sports-Riding Clothing- (Chaps, Riding boots)* Follow Clothing Criteria
  • Field Hockey Equipment-Shin Guards, Mouth Guard (New with tags)
  • Football Equipment- Thick lined padded football pant, footballs
  • Golf Equipment Accessories- Golf Gloves and various accessories
  • Ice Hockey & Skating- In-line skates, shoulder pads (New with tags) figure skates, ice hockey skates, rollerblades, roller skates, elbow and knee padding (NWT)
  • Jump Ropes- Jump rope for children (NWT)
  • Kick Scooters- Scooters in Packaging. (NWT) *Must fit in 20"x16"x10" box.
  • Skateboarding- Knee/Elbow pads, children related skateboards (NWT) *Must fit in 20"x16"x10" box.
  • Soccer Equipment- Soccer balls, padding and mouth guards (NWT)
  • Swimming Flotation Devices- Flotation devices (NWT), pool toys (NWT), wet suits (NWT)
  • Tennis Equipment-Tennis ball, Tennis Racket *Must fit in 20"x16"x10" box.


  • DVD and Blu-Ray discs with G, PG, or PG-13 ratings in their cases and with their original artwork. Disks in correct case and not scratched or dirty. Must be at least 30 minutes or longer. We take any workout, training & yoga DVDs
  • Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft XBOX One, and Microsoft XBOX 360 console games with EC, E, E10, or T ratings in their correct case and with their original artwork. Must be in playable condition, no significant wear or scratches
  • Baby, kids, audio CDs ie. Baby Einstein, Sing-alongs, Kidz Bop, tv and movie soundtracks, N’SYNC, Hannah Montana, etc.

Baby Gear & Misc. Accessories: 

  • Baby Gear:  potties & seats, baby monitors, travel accessories, car seat accessories, toys, bottle warmers, shopping cart covers, stroller accessories, nursery items, infant bath tubs, reusable diapers
  • Disposable Diapers (New in Package)
  • Kids’ tableware items (non-fragile)
  • Booster Seats
  • Kids and character themed decor such as clocks, curtains,  and bedding.   Also accepted children’s figurines, jewelry boxes, picture frames, night lights, wall art, bedding, holiday items and decor, small children’s room lamps, etc.  No items made with glass, or that contain fragile parts will be accepted.
  • All above listed items must fit in Box dimensions- 20"x16x"x10".

We currently DO NOT accept:

Entertainment Articles:

  • Adult books, Adult themed-CDs, Video Games rated Mature, R rated DVDs
  • Electrical items (except very simple on/off type devices, such as lamps, baby monitors and bottle warmers)
  • VHS-cassettes; audio cassettes, vinyl records or other older storage formats
  • PC, Mac, or Linux computer games for any operating systems (ie Windows, Mac OS, Atari, Amiga, Commodore 64)
  • Sony PlayStation 1 or 2, Microsoft XBOX, Sony PSP, and Atari Jaguar games
  • Any games that were downloaded, copied and/or accessed on the internet, or which need a private activation, registration or similar code for playing it


  • Standard Size Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles Unsealed, with less than 1,000 pieces
  • Sports trading cards
  • Comic Books
  • Sporting helmets and Safety helmets
  • Bath and & Body Items, soaps, etc.  (Body care items have expiration dates)
  • Cosmetics

Baby Gear:

  • Furniture (*All items must fit in a 20'x16'x10' box.)
  • Large baby items such as strollers, playpens, high chairs, changing tables, cribs, exersaucers, large swings, and child car seats (except boosters)
  • Used breast pumps, nipple covers, nursing pads, bottle nipples, teethers, pacifiers, bras, nursing bras, socks, and underwear. We only accept these items brand new, factory sealed. We accept sippy cups only if they’re not chewed up
  • Used medicine droppers/spoons, nasal aspirators and thermometers- we only accept them brand new, factory sealed
  • Baby carriers, slings, humidifiers, and gates
  • Crib bumpers (except the breathable type)


  • Hand-made or altered items without brand or size tags
  • Library books
  • Fragile Decorative Figurines 
  • Items containing liquid
  • Very large items (maximum dimensions for shipping container are approximately, 20"x16"x10")
  • Used Flotation Devices, Used Wet Suits/Flotation suits
  • Consumables past their expiration date (i.e. Easy Bake Oven mixes)
  • Recalled Items


 For the safety of our team, Inbound Shipments containing hazardous waste, materials, and/or substances will not be accepted and will be quarantined. Please review our policy here

Non-Accepted items:  In the nature of non-accepted items, you will receive notification of non-acceptance via the email associated with your account.  We will store your items for 14 days when you receive the rejection notification, if you would like your non-accepted items returned to you, you should request the items home with the occurrence fee.  If you have not requested your items home and paid for their shipment within the 14 days from the sending of rejection notification, the service has the right to dispose of the rejected items.   

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