SureSell Guarantee

The SureSell Guarantee: if your item has not sold in 45 days we will buy it!

Our new SureSell Guarantee means that we guarantee that you will make money on your items, even if they are not selling!  If an accepted item has not sold in 45 days, you can sell it to us!

We will pay you a guaranteed price of up to 30% of the item's average new retail value, depending on the item category and the condition rating of the listed item. The SureSell Guarantee price we offer will be displayed to you on the SureSell and donate page found under My Account.  It is only possible to transfer SureSell amounts totaling $1.00 or more.

If you do not wish to activate the SureSell Guarantee for an item, you have two other options:

  1. Keep the item stored and continue offering it on 
  2. Have the item shipped back to yourself. Shipping fees will apply.

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