How do I purchase on

Step-by-Step detailed instructions

Purchasing items directly from your shopping cart:

1. Open your shopping cart, review the listed items & press the "checkout" button.

3. Select the standard or expedited shipping option. Customers that are logged in will have the option to keep their item(s) in storage. If you keep the item(s) in storage you can send them home with other items on your account at a later time. Free shipping only applies to orders $50 or more at the time of checkout (free shipping does not apply to items in "Storage".

4. Press the "Pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card" button and you may checkout using the following options:

-  PayPal Checkout 

-  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover 

-  Debit 

5.  Press the "Pay with Amazon" button if you would like to pay with Amazon.  

NOTE:  If you have store credit applied to your account, any available amount will be deducted at time of checkout.  

6. Review your shipping address and if needed, change or add new one.

7. To pay for your purchase press the "Pay" button to complete your purchase. 

8. You will receive a confirmation email to your email address provided at checkout.

 **It is not possible to combine items from your shopping cart with the items in storage during the cart checkout process**

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