How Does SurePrice Work?

How does the automatic pricing (SurePrice) work? will begin to automatically adjust the price of your item(s) if they do not sell within 60 days. After the 60-day timeframe, the price of your item(s) will be gradually adjusted over time. The adjustment amount will be based on the age of the item, the season, the market price of the item in similar condition and other relevant factors. will continue to  gradually adjust the price until it reaches a more competitive price point. This will be determined by the market price on, taking into consideration style, brand, seasonality and condition of the item.

In addition to this feature, the Set Prices Page will also include a price adjusting tool.  This tool if moved from normal; will opt you into Swap pricing from initially posting of your items.  Swap will price your items at a competitive rate, but are priced to sell.  

You will have a possibility to adjust your selling preferences based on if you would like to sell the item faster or if you have more time and would like to get the best possible price.  If you would like to sell your items normally with our sellers pricing initially, leave the pricing slide at Normal. 



The selling preferences can be adjusted on the Set Prices page. This is a feature that is in development and not available right now.

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