FAQ's- Rejection Information

How does Swap.com calculate Reject percentages?  

Rejects are very easy to calculate. We take the number of rejected items (those that don’t meet our acceptance criteria) and divide that by the total number of items in your box.

For example, if your box has 20 rejected items out of a total count of 100, the reject percentage is 20%.

You can find information about your boxes and reject rates on the My Boxes page inside of your account.

Why should rejected items matter to me?

Rejected items matter to everyone in our selling process!  The importance of sending in great condition clothing that meets our acceptance criteria helps to ensure that each step in our process is more efficient and reliable for our Seller Partners, our Customers, and our business.

When a box is sent to Swap.com, we assess and qualify every piece inside.  During our process we have come across boxes where we have to reject more than 40% of the items inside, and this costs our Seller Partners money and places additional delays on processing times.

We can improve this process with the help of our Sellers and their at home quality checks. With these extended evaluations of items, the amount of rejected items will decrease, and this will save you money as a Seller and help to speed up processing times for everyone!  

How may inbound slip privileges be suspended as a seller?

We understand that processing used clothing will result in some portion of rejected items, and that’s ok. Some of the boxes sent to Swap.com contain a high percentage of items that we are forced to reject due to quality issues. In most cases, high item reject rates can be avoided simply by following our Acceptance Criteria.

Our goal at Swap.com is to provide the easiset way to buy and sell high-quality pre-owned items. As our business continues to grow and our seller network expands, we make improvements based on feedback from our Customers and our Seller Partners. 

If you have exceeded our limit for rejected items, you may be sent a notification to help you to improve your next shipment to Swap.com, a guidance letter for improvement, or a notice of possible suspension.

Please follow the instructions listed in the notice, to ensure that all future boxes meet or exceed our Acceptance Criteria.  

Do sellers receive notice of possible box warnings and suspension?

Yes.  Sellers will be sent a notification to warn of possible suspension.  

How long is the inbound suspension?

If a seller is suspended, the suspension will be for 3 months from the notice of suspension.  Please contact our selling leadership team, for further instructions.  

What happens when the 3 months are up?  

A member of our selling leadership team will contact you with specific details about your next re-qualification box.  This mentorship will also lead you with tips and tricks to build a better box and guide you through our acceptance criteria and any changes that have occurred at Swap.com.  If we do not reach out, please send an email to selling@swap.com.  




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