Inbound Service Fee

Each box we receive is charged a flat Fee of $11.90 for a label or $14.90 for a label with a box or bag. This fee covers shipping and the labor of sorting, photographing, and marketing your items.


Items can be dropped off at any FedEx service location or handed to a FedEx driver (search for locations here).


The Inbound Service Fee will be deducted from your sales payout first and all additional earnings are credited to your account. You will only be charged if the inbound package is received by No fee will be applied for unused inbound labels and shipping materials. It’s possible that your account can show a negative balance which you can pay off with future sales proceeds.


Fees for oversized boxes & rejections:


Oversized boxes (larger than 20” x 20” x 17”/ 50+ lbs)


If over 50% of your box is rejected


If 40% to 50% of your box is rejected


If the return shipment of your rejected or sellable items exceeds 20 pounds in weight, the return shipment fee that incurs will need to be paid in full and in advance by the Seller.

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