Donating items

Donate your items for a charitable purpose! You can choose to donate your items to if you so desire. If you choose to donate items, they will be moved to the donation account and sold. The sales proceeds will be donated to a charity of our choice. There is no tax deduction available for the donated items at this moment.

If you wish to donate items please visit the SureSell and donate page.

The list of current donation targets

Please note: Rejected items handed over to will be sent to recycling.

Non-Accepted items:  In the nature of non-accepted items occur, you will receive notification of their non-acceptance via the email associated with your account with We will store your items for 14 days when you receive the rejection notification, if you would like your non-accepted items returned to you, you should request the items home with the occurrence fee. If you have not requested your items home and paid for their shipment within the 14 days from the sending of rejection notification, the service has the right to dispose of the rejected items.  



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