Swap.com Fees & Sales Proceeds

The following Services are subject to fees


Fees for Buyers

Shipping items is free when the value of purchased items is $60 or more in the shopping cart. For shipments of other items, the shipping fee of $5.99 will be applied. The total Shipping Fee will be always visible before making the payment for the shipment. For upgraded shipping, add $3.99.

The Shipping Fee only applies to shipments to contiguous US (as we only ship to the continental 48 states).


Fees for Sellers

Shipping items to Swap.com ("Inbound Service Fee")

Shipping one or more items to Swap.com is subject to the flat Fee of $11.90 for a label or $14.90 for a label with shipping material, provided that the package does not exceed dimensions 20"x20"x17" (see details here). Items can be dropped off at any FedEx service location (not to Fedex Drop Box) or handed to a FedEx driver (search for locations here).

The Inbound Service Fee will be deducted from your sales payout. It will only apply if the inbound package is actually received by Swap.com.  No fee is charged for unused inbound labels and shipping materials.

The Inbound Service Fee is automatically deducted from your sales proceeds once your inbound label is scanned as received in our fulfillment center.

We only accept inbound shipments originating from contiguous US shipped using an inbound label generated through Swap.com.


The following Surcharges may be applicable for special inbound shipments:

  • Over-sized box Surcharge: $25
  • Staged reject rate Surcharge for an inbound box
    • 40%-50% reject rate: $5 surcharge
    • Over 50% reject rate: $10 surcharge

Note: Over-sized shipments may suspend a seller's ability to continue sending in further shipments. A Surcharge will be applied to boxes that are larger 20"x20"x17", or weigh over 50 pounds.  The fee has been implemented to ensure that our staff does not have to lift extremely heavy boxes and minimize the risk of boxes breaking, in shipping (we have seen too many large boxes break, and damage items).

Shipping Sales Items back from the Fulfillment Center

In the event you wish to cease selling all or some of your items or wish to get back your rejected items, you have the option to order them back from us for a separate outbound fee.  The cost to ship these items home will be based on the weight, and the actual cost to ship these items home.  The actual return shipment fee that Swap.com incurs will need to be paid in full, in advance by the Seller (valid only if Seller wants to get the sales items back).


Sales Proceeds

The sales proceeds paid to you for each of your items sold are calculated based on the final sales price of the item according with the following tiers:


Item List Price

Sales Proceeds

Credit Premium Factor*


Less than $10.00

Earn 30% credit or 20% cash



$10.00 - $20.00

Earn 50% credit or 40% cash



Higher than $20.00

Earn 70% credit or 60% cash


* Credit Premium Factor is calculated by dividing the credit percentage with the cash percentage, e.g. 30% / 20% for Tier 1 gives 1.5.


If Swap.com discounts the item (i.e. sells the item as part of a marketing campaign with a lower price (“Discounted Price”) than the List Price) the proceeds tier stays the same but the Sales Proceeds are calculated based on the Discounted Price.

Sales proceeds are calculated using the lower of the following prices:

  • Actual sales price (including Discounted Price and actual sales price on 3rd party marketplace); or
  • List price on Swap.com

Inbound fee and possible surcharges will be deducted from your proceeds as your items sell, so that you don’t have to pay for them upfront. Please note that if you choose to be paid in credit for your items, the applicable fees will be deducted first on a cash basis. You will be eligible to earn credit after your negative balance is paid off.

We will also apply your proceeds to any outstanding debt on your account from previous inbound fees and surcharges. The remaining balance is the balance that is used to calculate your sales proceeds based on whether you have selected to receive credit or cash. The credit premium is applied only at the time of the transfer to you, so the balance is kept in cash and the deductions are made from that before the credit conversion. Only a positive cash payable balance can be converted into credit. The conversion will be done for each item of the payout based on the proceeds tier of the item, the list price, and the actual sales price of the item.

Example Transaction

Seller sends in a box and standard $11.90 inbound fee applies. The seller sells tier 2 items (giving either 40% in cash or 50% in store credit) with the total sales of $100. This gives a cash payout of $40. After deducting the inbound fee of $11.90, the Seller can choose between a cash payout of $28.10 or Swap.com store credit of $35.13 ($28.10 cash payout multiplied by Tier 2 Credit Premium Factor of 1.25).


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