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  1. Print out a prepaid shipping label or request an Inbound Box below and send us the items you'd like to sell on
  2. We let you know which items were accepted, price them, and list your clothes on! (If your box inbound slip was created no later than July 19, 2017, you will be able to price your items until August 18, 2017. After this date, will price your items.)
  3. Once your item sells, we’ll send you an email and you’ll earn $ for your secondhand clothes!

Please review our Acceptance Criteria before you start.


On July 19, 2017, we launched a new, simplified commission model. The new system has three tiers. Based on your feedback, we eliminated the previous $1.50 per item fee and replaced it with simple flat percentages. To reward you for shopping on, we now provide store credit, while still giving you an option to choose a cash payout.


Any boxes sent with labels created as of July 19, 2017 will remain under the former commission model of 30% + $1.50 per item.


New commission model



Item List Price

Sales Proceeds

Cash to Credit Ratio*


Over $20.00

Earn 70% credit or 60% cash



$10.00 - $20.00

Earn 50% credit or 40% cash



Under $10.00

Earn 30% credit or 20% cash


*Cash to Credit Ratio is calculated by dividing the credit percentage with the cash percentage, e.g. 30% / 20% for Tier 1 gives 1.5.

The list price of your item will determine which rate you earn, but your commision $ will be based on the actual sales price. For example, a $10 item that sells for $8 would earn you 50% of the $8 sale (i.e. $4) in credit, or alternatively 40% of the $8 dollar sale (i.e. $3.20) in cash.

Additionally, we will deduct a standard fee of $11.90 for shipping and $14.90 for shipping plus packing materials sent to your home. Oversize box and high reject rate surcharges will also apply.


Inbound Box Fees

The cost of mailing a box is still $11.90. However, we are adding new fees for special cases to help ensure the items we receive are of acceptable quality and so that boxes don’t exceed weight limits. As before, fees will be deducted from your proceeds as your items sell, so that you don’t have to pay for them upfront. Please note that if you choose to be paid in credit for your items, the applicable fees will be deducted first on a cash basis. You will be eligible to earn credit after your negative balance is paid off.


Oversized boxes (larger than 20L” x 20W” x 17H”/ 50+ lbs)


If over 50% of your box is rejected


If 40% to 50% of your box is rejected




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