How are sets created?

Sets can be created at home, and by our merchandisers.  Here is a few helpful hints, on what goes into making a set, and the why's behind it.  

  • Our Merchandisers combine several lower value articles to create sets. Sets are mostly created in order to meet the site value of $3.  You are more than welcome to make sets at home, but we ask that you clearly define what sets you would like to have made.  Clear bags for each set, and pinning through the seam is the most efficient.  Folding items together is NOT defining a pre-made set, and will most likely be merchandised separately.  

Making a set 

Swap merchandisers have many aspects to review when making a set.  This includes-- Articles within the same season, size, style, and gender.  ** Sets are very consistent and are generally themed.  Swap reserves the right to alter sets, when the set is not clearly defined, or cannot be photographed appropriately, and if the set contains multiple category types.  Sets cannot be made with multiple category types, (i.e., baby blanket, socks, toy, baby cap)  

Examples of sets:

  • set of Fall clothes (T-shirt, Jacket, Pants, ALL size 12-18 mo)
  • set of Summer clothes (T-shirt, shorts, ALL size 5T)
  • set of casual T-shirts (Three t-shirts, size 2T)
  • set of baby clothes (three bodysuits, size 3 mo)
  • set of coloring books (three coloring books and a box of crayons)  

** Please make note that most Men's and Women's items can be sold individually. **

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