My item(s) were not accepted. What are my options?

We will notify you if any of your items are not accepted. At that time, you have 14 days to choose if you want to have the items shipped back to you for an occurrence fee or have us donate the items. Check out SureSell & Donate for more information on donating. If you do nothing after 14 days of being notified, will automatically donate your items. charges a fee if 40% or more of your box is rejected. More details on fees can be found here. Unfortunately, the bulk of our current processing time is spent sorting through rejected items and oversized boxes. As a result of this new fee structure, we’re confident production and processing times will become more streamlined, helping you earn money faster.

If over 50% of your box is rejected

$10 fee

If 40% to 50% of your box is rejected

$5 fee


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