Returns and Refunds


We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order. Our return policy is simple:


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Important Detail

  • Full Refund:  If the items you received were incorrect, damaged, missing, or not as we described them, then you’ll get a full refund -- including the cost of shipping! The shipping cost refunded is proportional to order size; for example, if the order is 4 items and you return 2, you will get back 50% of the shipping cost.  
  • Store Credit:  If your items do not fit or you changed your mind, you will get back the full amount you paid, excluding shipping, in the form of a store credit. Also note that if you originally paid with store credits, your refund will be in the form of store credits no matter the reason for the return.  A account is needed to receive store credit, but setting it up is easy!
  • Send It All Together with a label:  While will accept all returns, we appreciate it when you group the items together in one shipment. Since we’ll cover your cost of shipping items back, we can’t accept more than three separate mailings back to per order.  While we will accept multiple RMA's in one shipment, please ensure all items marked for return from each RMA are included in the same box.  


Make sure to process your return by entering your Order ID above and obtaining and a label. We cannot accept returns shipped by USPS or using a label not obtained from

  • Consigner Refunds:  If you are selling items on, rest assured that we assume responsibility for returned item(s). consigners’ sales are not impacted by returns.

If you need assistance completing your return or have any questions, please contact customer service.



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