Applying a Promotional/Discount Code

Do you have a promotional discount code to use? To enter this code, follow the steps outlined below. Note: Only one discount code can be applied per order.

Website Instructions 

Mobile Application Instructions

To receive promotional discount offers, you can sign up here:



  1. Start the checkout process by clicking on your Cart and then "Checkout"
  2. Click on "Add promo code" on the right side above the shipping information​​​
  3. Enter the promotional code in capital letters and click on "Apply"


Mobile Application:

  1. Tap on the shopping cart
  2. Tap on "Check Out"
  3. Tap in the white box in the middle of the screen "Type optional discount or reward code"
  4. Enter your code and tap the enter key on your keyboard (key may vary by device) 

Your code should then be applied to your order and you'll see that replaced in the code entry box with the confirmation.

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